When you're audited, An Enrolled Agent will represent you..

 An Enrolled Agent specializes in taxation and is license to represent clients thru-out the United States. Retaining this credential  allows me to represent you if audited with the Internal Revenue Service. The "Enrolled Agent" status was formed by the IRS when no other entity was able to stand before the IRS for the American taxpayer, commonly known as "taxation without representation".  It provide's an alternative " voice"  for our clients.

 It affords us the same privileges as C.P.A.'s and attorney's.  We are all governed under Circular 230 of the Internal Revenue Code. We must maintain a high standard of conduct and client privacy and education in taxes. 

To remain an active Enrolled Agent with the IRS, education in taxation is a must.  Enrolled Agent's are required to earn a minimum of 24 CPE's annually. We have a three-year renewal term.

As a member in good-standing with The National Association of Enrolled Agents it's important to us to give some insight to our clients of this association and the status it allows us as tax professionals.  If you click on this link it will take you to NAEA web sitehttp://www.naea.org/. It will enlighten many to know more about this license and continuing professional education credit's.